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AdSense Tip: Rotating AdSense Ad Colors

AdSense has a feature that is helpful for publishers to increase their revenue from existing traffic; through rotating AdSense ad colors. This tactic should complement the entire ad optimization effort.

Before we go in depth into this topic, you might want to read some of my articles about AdSense optimization tips to help you see through the benefits and inject some motivation.

In short, ad block optimization allows any web publishers to earn extra money from their contextual ads, all from the existing traffic. During testing you might see lower income than usual, but remember this is a long term strategy that will work for you for months, if not years to come. Imagine a 10, 20 percent or more increase in pay check without much effort. You are doing your visitors a favor by helping them finding what they want. In turn, you get the most out of your publishing effort. It’s a win-win-win situation. The third win goes to Google, if you will.

Rotating AdSense ad colors is a technique to overcome ad blindness. When a block of ads, logos, or anything appear on one part of a site everytime, they tend to neglect them. That is natural, but also destructive to your AdSense income.

This technique is particularly useful for bloggers and website owners who have a lot of repeat readers. People who find you through search engines or any other place for the first time usually don’t suffer from ad blindness. But as they become more familiar with your site or blog, they are going to develop the syndrome.

Repeat readers may come from bookmarks, web feed and email subscription to your blog or email newsletter, or simply web visitors that visit your site/ blog again from other sources. If your site is a forum, then most of the visitors are likely to be those who frequent it.

So, if you have these type of readers, consider rotating your ads to keep not only the content of the ads fresh but also the look and feel of them.

AdSense allows you to rotate through up to 4 different color palettes at a time.

You can select from pre-defined color palettes, or you can create up to 100 of your own. Color palettes allow you to make sure that the ad text, background, and border colors complement your website. For added variety and freshness, you can even choose to rotate through up to 4 different color palettes at a time. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need a newer web browser with JavaScript functionality (Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape 6+). However, the color choices will be visible to users of most web browsers.

Select more than one color palettes by holding the Ctrl key while clicking on the color palette.

If you really consider to test this tactic, consider these:

Analyze the type of traffic to your site or blog. If most of the traffic come from search engines, you can get better results by actually test out what works best and stick to it rather than risk having new visitors to see sub-optimal settings of an ad block.
Remember basic optimization tips. It is not about rotating random colors to produce fresh look of your ads. No, far from it, you have to actually choose two or more optimal color combinations for your AdSense ad units. Of course, you find this through testing. It is a good idea to start with the blend-in> and stand-out approach.
Test, test and test. Not all colors are created the same. Test to find out winning combinations.
Comply to the testing rules. Don’t decide on which test wins or loses on the 10th clicks. Apply basic testing rules to get the best and reliable test results. Remember, because you risk having lower performing configurations during the test, it becomes more important to use some proven optimization tips on matching colors to start.
In summary, ad color rotation is a great tactic to increase your advertising revenue from AdSense. It doesn’t apply to all kind of traffic, but if you take the time to carefully analyze, test and apply the tactic, it could pay you many times in the future.

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