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Botnet Automatic AdSense Click Generator Revealed

SANS Institute reported about the activity of a botnet, generating clicks from a few hundred machines and makes sure they look as legitimate. They could keep it low profile because the number of machines the program operates from.

Botnet basically is a service that some dishonest publishers hire to click on their AdSense ads. Of curse, the botnet owner will want a share from the publisher’s revenue.

A careless clickbot operator left a website with both the bot’s executable file and the web based control panels wide open, which ended up in the hands of SANS.

The SANS Institute have reported the fraud to Google to make sure nobody gets paid, and at the same time the fraudulent publishers get suspended.

My quick thoughts
An advertising network depends on both advertisers and publishers to survive. The more advertisers who are interested in placing ads in the content network, the more ad inventory they could offer to their publishers.

It is the responsibility of a good publisher to give something of value (targeted visitors) back to the advertiers in order to get paid.

Fraudulent clicks are a fact of life. The advertising network needs to come up with a way to benefit both advertisers and publishers. Because the ad network shares the same revenue with publishers, it is easy for the network to fall short on this. At least a big network such as Google AdSense have to respond quickly to keep the trust high.

However, smart advertisers who monitor their campaigns closely will find this act in no time. If they decide to stop advertising, then the whole program collapse.

Will advertisers start using site targeting intensively?

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