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A Business, Advertising Revenue and Quality Content

I picked up a really interesting discussion on Webmaster World about quality content, feeding the search engines with pages of content in related to AdSense impressions, clicks and revenue.

The thread started when JamaicanFood asked the forum members their opinions about starting a website with 1,000 pages, and growing it at a rate of 3,000 pages a month — or about 100 pages daily.

It raised a question among members. How would one man operation — with an English teacher mother — creates 100 pages of 500 words, 5-6% keyword density pages in 10 hours working day, or about 6 minutes per content page or article?

Seems like it is impossible, but he could do that then congratulations. May be he should prove us wrong.

For me, 6 minutes for a blog post is impossible, let alone keyword optimized page. Afterall, who can write 10 hours non-stop, for a month, or a year?

That aside, making money from web publishing is more about building a business for the long run. Are we going to cash in quickly, getting as much traffic from search engines as possible in a shortest amount of time?

That would be possible. I have seen people done it by spamming Google’s index. Others use AdSense arbitrage model. But, are they going to be there for years? Are they building a business that will feed them for years?

One forum member explained that he had written eight books with major publishers. His articles, which appear on the web are oft requested as paid reprints in magazines and internal publications, including being used by the United Nations.

He lived off the quality for some ten years.

Publishing web content is not merely about earning from advertising clicks, but also building your credibility and authority. While I wouldn’t imagine — at least for now — having such a success as being published in major publishers for eight books, at least in blogging and other web publishing venture, quality content is what builds readership.

Now, we should probably agree that quality content is simply the type of content people find useful or of any help to them when they read it.

Bloggers only link to those with substances, and that’s how we build referral traffic and get ranked in search engines.

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