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Common AdSense Video Ads Questions

Google has released the new Google AdWords ad format, click-to-play video ads a few days more than a week ago. Since then, many web publishers who express their interest to opt for this new ad format have sent questions about video ads.

Basically, they are looking for ways to get the most out of their AdSense. If video ads could give a boost, why not? But does it work? Google answered the most commonly asked questions in Inside AdSense.

The video won’t play automatically, it even resembles a static image ad. Web visitors have to manually click on the ad for it to start streaming.

The ads were hosted by Google, so there should be enough resources for everyone from any location in the world to stream the video immediately (provided they have the bandwidth, of course).

Video ads can be site targeted or contextually targeted. Site targeted video ads adopt a CPM payment model. On the other hand, contextually targeted video ads will pay advertiers for clicks to the advertiser’s landing page.

At the bottom of the ad is the display URL which a visitor can click to visit the advertiser’s site. On play, the video itself is clickable, which in turn will bring the visitor to the same site.

If you are curious about video ads, you can play your own video ads, but not clicking on the sponsor’s URL. Google explicitly stated that it is not considered offensive to play the video because it won’t affect the reporting too.

To get video ads, publishers need to opt into image ads, which include the following sizes:

336 x 280 (Large rectangle)
300 x 250 (Medium rectangle)
250 x 250 (Square)

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