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Factors That Impact CTR

Many web publishers focus too heavily on CTR because it is simply lucrative. If we could just increase our earnings from the existing traffic and visitors, why shouldn’t we do it?

Moreover, getting more traffic after optimization usually means even more revenue. Better still, it squeezes the most out of available resources.

There are many factors that contribute to click-through rate (CTR). We don’t have control to some of them. Others can be decided up front. But the good news is, we can change the rest of them to impact CTR.

Without further ado, here are things that contribute to the percentage of people who click on ads. While I write this with Google AdSense in mind, they really are independent of advertising networks. It applies as well to Yahoo! Publishers Network, Chitika and others.

Topics. People are more likely to click on advertisement in some niche topics. For instance, if the ads are related to some specific products where the audience are responsive, they will get better CTR.
Time. In some industry, higher CTR usually happens during weekdays. Others experience better CTR on weekends. Some publishers see lower impressions in different months in a year, but better CTR. Still, there are variations from site / blog to another.
Readers. More tech savvy readers don’t click on ads as much as casual readers. You should expect different CTR depending upon referring sites. Search engine visitors are also more likely to click on ads compared to repeat readers. The latter have developed ad blindness because they are familiar with the layout of your blog/site.
Relevancy. If the ad network you participate in has the technology to allow maximum relevancy and owns rich varieties in ad inventories, you will get relevant ads on your pages. Relevant ads tend to generate more clicks.
Ad formats and colors. Large rectangle ads are known to get more clicks than others. Different color schemes can impact CTR too.
Ad placement. Positioning ad units in the location where they usually attract eyeballs will result in better CTR if the ads are relevant and of interest to readers.
Average pageviews. High quality sites usually have many of their readers stay and read a lot of pages before deciding to leave via a link to other site or by clicking on the ads. While CTR may be low in this case, it is not bad since it could mean more visitors will come back and again click for the ads.
Click options. Given many options to click, some users are going to click one or another. The right positioning and limited options convert to more clicks.
I’ve had one site which constantly generates CTR in the 15-40 percent (and sometimes more) range. Yet one blog only results in 1-2 percent CTR no matter how I optimize.

Comparing CTR between sites could be an unproductive task if done incorrectly. Still, the numbers matter if you know how to use it.

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