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First Ad Unit = Highest CTR

As an AdSense publisher, it is wise to constantly test your ad units to see which one performs best. Optimization can be done through testing, which in turn will get the most revenue out of your existing content and traffic.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to say it again. Optimizing your AdSense ad units is the best thing a publisher can do. Without working hard on generating more traffic, you can earn more from your existing resources.

When it comes to return on investment (ROI), testing often gives the highest return for your time compared to writing content, search engine optimization, and any other traffic generation tactics.

Of course, you must know when to stop optimizing and move to something else, because there is only so much money to be made from a single ad unit unless you keep building traffic and add content.

That brings us to this question.

What should you do after you have the highest click-through rate (CTR) ad unit?

To answer that question, you should realize that AdSense ads come from AdWords advertisers who decided to put their ads on Google content network. As with the search network, Google content network utilizes auction model to determine whose ads are going to be shown first, second, etc.

Yes, there are other algorithms involved that affect ad ranks, but to keep things simple, let’s assume that the highest bidder win the top spot.

Where do the first ad appear on the web page? In the first ad unit. If the ad unit displays multiple ads, then it displays at the very first place.

Google determine the first ad unit based on its location in the HTML — or PHP, ASP, etc. — file. If you use Custom Style Sheet (CSS) to design your web site, you know that you can place the code at the end of the page and still have the element displayed at the top of the page.

This is why you need to make sure that the first ad unit really appears first in your HTML code.

It is this simple and easy modification that could possibly increase your AdSense revenue, so please add it to your schedule to check for the highest CTR and make sure the code appears where it should be.

If you haven’t tracked your ad units, consider doing so by using custom channels.

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