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Get paid to link to YOUR Site

Here’s an interesting site. Another version of a social site, Squidoo, allows you to write pages on different subjects, much the same you would an article. However, they have many different modules to help YOU make money off the pages you write.

Most article directories take the advertising money for themselves, Squidoo provides modules to help you easily add amazon books, eBay items etc to your page and your get paid when something sells! They also have a large number of interactive modules that allow you to add Filckr pictures, Utube videos, Google blog posts as well as polling modules and a large number of different things to make your page interesting.

Off course you then put a few of your own links on the page to attract traffic to your own site. Here are a couple of mine, Video Technology, Northern California Vacations , Kauai Vacation. Squidoo also helps you promote your site. First, they are a PR7 site so they are getting indexed very regularly. There is a number of ways you can interact with other “Lens Makers” which helps you to quickly increase the number of links to your lens.

With in a few days I was starting to get traffic form Google and Yahoo, and most of the traffic ended up funneling to my sites that I was promoting on the lens.

They claim to be able to make a lens in 10 minutes. Well, you can, but to make one that will promote well takes a little longer. But not by much. I see this as a great way to add relevant links to an existing site, make a quick affiliate marketing site, or just make money on an idea that you don’t think you could come up with 20 pages worth of content to make a decent site with.

I don’t think you can come up with an easier way to enter into social networking.

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