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Google Sued for AdSense Fraud

An AdSense publisher, Theresa B. Bradley, is suing Google for $250,000 because she was banned from the advertising program. She and her staffs has spent 100 hours to place and review AdSense advertisements on her Web site.

Well, there is nothing wrong with reviewing ads, but the problem is, she clicked on the ads to check them out, to see if the sites were selling competing products.

According to AdSense terms and policies, publishers should not click on the ads on their own sites for any reason.

The website, has 24 pages indexed by Google, of which some of them are in foreign languages. It is hard to believe that inserting Google AdSense codes on those pages, even manually typing it in, would take that long. Probably she was refreshing her pages countless of times to see which ads appear and click on them for review one by one.

eWeek reports that Bradley did not return several requests for comment. Google responded that the suit is without merit and will defend itself vigorously.

According to the complaint, Bradley’s relationship with Google caused her irreparable harm by damaging her reputation and reputation of her products and services.

Jennifer writes on her blog that Google never publicizes any publisher they suspend, unless it involves a lawsuit.

So, it maybe hard for her unless she is able to prove that Google caused her harm because they suspended her for violating the terms she agreed to herself.

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