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High-Priced Keywords Are Useless

Have I got your attention? In my opionion, it is important to research for the keywords you want to use in your website or blog. It is also necessary to target the right keywords so your web pages display relevant advertisements which will pay you handsomely.

What makes me sad is the fact that many high-paying keywords services or products promote themselves as the solution to earning good money from AdSense or any other contextual network.

If you frequent a forum where web publishers usually hang out, you’ll soon find out newbies asking for advices about specific keyword list/ package, or worse still, ask where to find such good list.

Don’t get me wrong. In publishing on the Web, we certainly want the best buck from our effort.

The fact is, none of them will be delivered in a silver plate, especially the fact that cost-per-click (CPC) is not the only factor that determines if a keyword is high-paying or otherwise.

People tend to judge high paying keywords as those with high CPC. The fact is, even if we create page with those keywords, there are much more to be done before money will start flowing in.

The most difficult thing that comes to my mind is building traffic. It is not about ranking one or two long tail keywords, which usually happens if there is no traffic generation strategy built into the equation.

Even if we are willing to pay for the traffic — like buying pay-per-click, it involve quite a learning curve if we don’t want to flush the money down the toilet.

Usualy, high-paying keywords are bundled with content scraper and generation tool. Those make a great package as the turnkey AdSense income generation solution. What a nice name.

If you are looking into getting rich overnight with AdSense, then I am the first to say that it didn’t work that way.

Web content publishing is about filling the need, giving what people want. It is a real business, so one has to see it that way.

Build your traffic gradually, establish relationship with your readers so they keep going back to your site for more. A web publishing business is going to feed you years to come.

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