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How to Approach CTRs

Often we read in forums, blogs or articles about stunning click-through rates claimed by some AdSense publishers by using some techniques or others.

Assuming the claims are true, we rush to adapt this method hoping to achieve more or less as high CTR as the original poster claimed. Much to our dismay, often the techniques result in a drop in CTR, let alone boost it to the roof.

In previous post, I have shown some of the factors that could possibly impact CTR. There are too many factors to consider, that one can not be too sure if a single change in how the ad looks like will move CTR higher or otherwise.

There are right and wrong ways to use published numbers from such sources.

Wrong ways to approach CTR
Entirely shift your ad formats, colors, or anything else to what the source suggests and claims to get higher CTR.
Think an optimization or change is of no good if it doesn’t give good results without looking further on the main causes.
Consider a change on your ads to be a failure if it doesn’t generate as high CTR as the original author reported.
Right ways to approach CTR
Use it as an initial projection conservatively until you have your own numbers.
Use reported numbers as a relative measure of increment while taking other factors into account.
Identify which small changes may reap large change in CTR and overall revenue.
Use numbers from the same niches to account for goals and expectations.
Some Examples
If a forum user reported that s/he received very high CTR from banner ads format, you should not shift your ad units entirely to that format unless you have taken into account different layout, colors, content type, and others.
For optimization. If a report reveals that certain optimization might result in better CTR, it may pinpoint areas where you may be able to improve things and drive visitors to click on ads. This data is important to improve different aspects of your ad units.
For sanity check. A certain change results in a jump from 10 percent CTR to 12 percent. If your current CTR is at 5 percent, it may be more realistic to aim at 6 percent first.
There is no single formula that will skyrocket CTR from anything to 30, 40 or 50 percent. Some optimization will be more effective than others. As a publisher, you have to know which is possible and which is a pure waste of time. Knowing other people’s numbers is nice, but unless you know how to interpret them, they will only mislead and cause repeat dismay.

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