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How to Get Any AdSense Account Banned

A blog post at SEO Refugee shows a growing problem in Google AdSense and AdWords system.

Google has been known to ban unscrupulous website publishers for some time, who are obviously against their TOS.

The thing is, there is a crack in the process of which anyone could exploit and get any AdSense account banned as the result. It is not just your account, virtually anyone.

Disclaimer: I do not promote using these methods as they could obviously cause harm to fellow web publishers. These are to show how Google should have fixed the process from reporting to banning of accounts. Otherwise, they will lose money and at the same time lower trust from those who want to work with Google.

1. Deliberately use targeted account’s publisher ID.
Basically, publish a website or a handful of pages which are strongly against Google AdSense TOS. Create offensive content and ask people to click on the ads.

2. Click on their ads.
This method is even easier. Anyone can mask their IP address and click the ads repetitively to raise Google’s awareness of clickfraud.

It’s true that if whoever done this is not careful enough, they could get into trouble. But still, the problem is, Google will ban accounts without further examination of the source of the problem.

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