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Planning for Holiday Season for AdSense Publishers

What could AdSense publishers to prepare for holiday season? Online retailers have begun to plan for it. Probably they have a plan to revamp some of the components or functions of their online store so it converts more.

Others have started to look into how to improve their conversion using email marketing. If they start thinking about the strategies, it could make a difference between success or failure when the time comes.

What about AdSense publishers? Are you going to sit and watch? Or, is there anything you could do to increase your revenue?

I would say that if you focus on your sites which have the most potential, then chances are you could have the right content in place and increase traffic at the same time.

Here are what my recommendation for this holiday season:

Write high demand content. If you have no time but write a few more content pages, that would be in the form of reviews. For your niche, there probably are other type of content that is more demanding, but here is my take on reviews. Research on some of the popular options or ideas for holiday gifts and write reviews around those products. Make the content visible and easily accessible. This should place relevant product ads on your pages, of which you can monetize during holiday shopping season.
Add more keyword focused keyword pages. Combine this with the next tactic to increase your traffic and get ready for more ads to earn revenue from.
Search engine optimization campaign. It could be as simple as syndicating more articles to other sites or article directories. There are still a few months to go to get higher ranking in search engines.
Optimize AdSense ad units. It is probably the time again to review your channels and learn how you can improve your ad units. AdSense optimization is a topic I have covered in the past.
Diversify. Look into many great affiliate programs and see how your pages could fit with the products or services offered by the programs.
If you get yourself ready before holiday season, you can certainly increase your site revenue both from selling products or services — through affiliate programs or your own — or significantly increase your AdSense revenue.

Remember, how you optimize your ads highly depends on your monetization model. If you are driving traffic to affiliate programs, you might want to place AdSense pages below the content so that people who decide not to click still can find what they want.

Finally, test to see what works for you so you are ready for a big hit this season.

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