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Publishers, Take Back Control of Your Assets

Paul Needham, Accipiter’s VP of product strategy lists ways publishers can maximize profits while serving small and medium-sized businesses.

When a publisher relies on a self-serve ad network to reach an entire market segment of advertisers, that publishers hands over those valuable advertiser relationships and in the process, helps that ad network build its business.

Although small publisher might be satisfied by having ad network manages the whole thing, for large publishers they want to take back control.

The problem is, most large publishers have not yet found effective ways to finding prospective advertisers, negotiating contracts as well as providing support and reporting for campaigns.

The cost can be significant.

But, on the other hand, publishers don’t want to give up on small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because they are the fastest-growing segment of advertisers in today’s online marketplace.

According to Needham, you need to consider the following when analyzing the tools available on the market:

Ownership — The flexibility to manage your own inventory, set your own pricing, receive payment, manage relationships, etc.
Percentage of revenue share — The larger the share of revenue, the better. If you go with a technology solution rather than an ad network, make sure you can book 100 percent of the revenue.
Brand leverage — Don’t miss the value of your brand in the ad network. Make sure you can create ad units of any size of design.
Cost of sales — Don’t waste too much time on negotiations and other work with smaller advertising clients.
Competition for ad inventory — A bid-for-placement and real-time auction system for your advertisers to compete for access to ad inventory.
Level of control — Offer different access levels, calculate commissions based on sales, etc.
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What Makes a Good CTR in AdSense?
Posted by Hendry Lee on 10/28/06 in Google AdSense, Tips

While doing testing of your AdSense ad units/formats, we tend to compare performances among fellow online publishers, across multiple industries or niches.

One of the most interesting numbers besides earnings is of course CTR or click-through rate — the percentage of people who click on the ads per page views.

CTR basically describes how your visitors are interested in the AdSense ad blocks and click on them. It can also measure how well you optimize AdSense for your site — be it the locations, formats, or other options.

As a publisher, we surely are interested in getting the most bucks from our effort. One way to do it to compare CTR. If there is a number we can compare to determine how far we go, that should be no problem — and no post of this kind.

The problem with it is, there is no secret number that shows if CTR is good or otherwise. You have to decide at the gut level if you have optimized enough and switch to other demanding tasks.

Comparing CTR between publishers of different sites or blogs can not prove a thing — if one or another is doing better. Besides, there are too many factors that could contribute to the differences.

Perhaps the only valid comparison is to measure your own numbers over time. If you do a few percent better than before, you know that you are cashing in more from the existing traffic.

While I can’t show you exactly which number is good and which is otherwise because revealing it is against AdSense TOS, from the next few articles I hope it will become obvious how you should approach CTR.

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