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Top 3 Website Revenue Channels

The Web is growing at a staggering rate. Currently, there are billions of web sites on the Internet and tens of millions of domain names.

The fight for eyeballs are getting stiff nowadays. Only those who publish great content and know how to promote their site can earn a share of web site traffic.

Admittedly, there are great web sites out there who earn next to nothing in revenue while others junk sites are able to earn a good income.

Although this blog is not about traffic generation, sometimes the topics overlap. If you want to learn more about generating web site traffic, visit our sister blog at Publishers Traffic, which covers traffic building ideas from organic search engines, pay per click, and more.

While developing a website, as a publisher, you should have a goal in mind. Whether it is to sell ad space or showcase your products, your site structure and content more or less reflect the end goal you got in place.

Generally, there are only 3 main web site revenue channels. Different models and variants can be categorized into one of these:

Selling web page real estates - Selling advertising space, whether you manage it manually or through ad networks, involves reserving web page real estates for third party advertisements. There are many models that are built based on this alone. It has existed for a few years now but still, consider this industry still in its infancy. There are still ample of rooms to grow.
Affiliate model - As a web site publisher (affiliate), you generate revenue by referring traffic to the merchants (advertisers). For any agreed actions — such as sales — you earn a share or a fixed amount of money. You don’t sell products or space, but earn commission based on the referrals you send their way.
Selling own products - In this model, you sell your own products as a merchant. There are a myriad of e-commerce sites selling anything from dog food to groceries, sport equipments, and information. There are many benefits to selling information especially regarding to inventory and startup cost. This blog also covers some of the aspects of information marketing.
Big e-commerce site such as Amazon sells huge range of products. This is possible because there is no physical racks limitation. The company was one of the pioneer of affiliate model back in the 1990s. Even a merchant as big and popular as Amazon still depends on thousands of their affiliates to bring them business. This should give you an idea about the opportunity that is out there.

You don’t need to own a high traffic site in order to participate in most affiliate programs or ad networks, although some require it. In all cases, you can start small and work your way up. Smaller affiliate and ad networks usually have quality products but don’t screen their partners.

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