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A Victim of Click Fraud, AdSense Publisher Banned and Reinstated

VBWebmaster forum has been a target for malicous Google AdSense click fraud recently. Noticing invalid clicks generated on the ads, Google disabled their AdSense account.

Practices such as clicks generated by a published on his/her own web pages, clicks generated through the use of robots and automated clicking tools, or any deceptive software are frowned and in violation of Google Adsene Terms and Conditions and program policies.

In situation where the incident is out of control of the publisher such as this case, publishers can get their account disabled or even banned. Fortunately after sending an explanation email to Google, they get their account reinstated.

It’s good to see that Google AdSense Support Team listens and responds to publisher’s concern such as this one, especially considering the amount of publishers they have to support. But then I noticed a few things the webmaster did, what I assume actions that help him get their account restored:

He noticed sudden increase in clicks more than a week ago and reported that to AdSense support team twice
He sent an email explaning the whole thing in a professional way
Any publisher can be a victim of such click fraud, and this incident serves as a good example of how we should respond to it. A closer look at the click trends and other sudden changes helps a publisher spot problems.

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