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Help a Blogger Choose Some Speakers

Digital music is great, something very apparent to the frequent traveler. Since moving to Spain last year, I’ve been hopping from country to country and apartment to apartment, carrying my whole music library on my Mac’s hard drive. Compare that to a few packing cases full of CDs and you can see why I ripped all my music before that first, nervous departure.

But how best to get that music back into distinctly analog, air-shifting sound-waves? This post is ostensibly to ask for your help, as I have landed, speaker-less, back on Barcelona’s fair shores. But first, read a roundup of the options.


A Real Stereo

This might be the smartest option in terms of quality. What we used to call ‘mini-systems’ usually have beefy speakers and the space inside for a decent amplifier. The trouble is, those same speakers take up space, both on the shelf and in the shipping box. All-in-ones also pack in a lot of superflous (for me, at least) extras: a radio, a CD player, and perhaps even a cassette deck (remember those?)

Separates would solve the latter problem as you only need to buy an amplifier and speakers, and they will probably give the best sound of all. But they’re expensive, take up a lot of space and, to be honest, if you’re just pumping MP3s through it, you probably won't notice the difference.

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