Starting a Blog - Blogging Basics for the Beginner Blogger - Blogger help, tips and hacks

Starting a Blog - Blogging Basics for the Beginner Blogger

Starting a Blog teaches the beginner blogger or anyone who needs a Blogging 101 refresher course how to decide if blogging is right for them as well as how to choose a domain, host and blogging software. You'll also find step-by-step tutorials to help you get started as a successful blogger.
Blog Software and Hosts (11) Creating a Blog (5) Blogging Books & Resources (6) Wordpress Tutorials & Tips (2) Blogging Ethics (4) Writing a Blog (11) Blogging FAQs (13)
What is a Blog?
Learn exactly what a blog really is.
Before You Start a Blog, Determine if Blogging is Right for You
Take a look at these factors to consider before you start a blog to determine if blogging is right for you.
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